Miami is America's most important city, says Financial Times

FROM THE EDITORIAL - Miami has become the most important city in America, declared the Financial Times Magazine.

The city is now considered a "freedom paradise," attracting people from everywhere and of all political persuasions, the magazine wrote.

Many newcomers are already attracted by the open atmosphere of the city, in addition to the usual attractions of low taxes and good weather.

"The Miami Movement," as Mayor Francis Suarez calls it, gained momentum when Covid arrived and has grown so much that it has changed the city in a way that is more than just a migration of people. In the months from July 1, 2020, far more Americans have moved to Florida than any other state. Some of the newcomers are already contributing to the city's arts and philanthropy, the article said.

Businesses and restaurants are growing, and buyers continue to migrate to the area, willing to pay sky-high prices. One broker said he was selling mansions to invisible buyers, including a recent $25 million sale to a California buyer who only took a Facetime tour.

Venture capitalist Keith Rabois, who has championed the city since moving here a few years ago, said Miami was like Silicon Valley in 1999. Rabois said he was making a significant portion of his new investments in Miami.

But Miami's biggest attraction, according to tech investor Jack Abraham? Not the lack of income tax, low crime rate or the lack of homelessness. "It was the optimism."

Source: Miami is the most important city in America, says Financial Times | AcheiUSA

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