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CR Accounting & Consulting advises those who wish to open their company in the USA, making it possible to do business of value between any country in the world in America.

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"CR Accounting has been doing my taxes for over 2 years now and I definitely recommend them to everyone, they are really responsible and ready to answer any questions you have. Claudemir is amazing and has become someone I trust with my eyes closed. Five stars without a doubt."

Daniele Anselmo

"I have nothing but praise and immense gratitude for CR Accounting & Consulting!
I am Brazilian and have a company in the USA, and for about 1 year they have been assisting us with all the accounting for our LLC. 
I strongly trust and recommend the work of CR Accounting & Consulting!"

Marcela Marques Luciano

"Very honest staff. They opened my company quickly and answered all my questions. In the monthly follow-up they are very prompt in answering all questions."

Rafael Peregrina

"I recommend CR Accounting & Consulting and the whole team because they have been doing my income tax and taking care of my company for a few years now, always providing excellent service, very seriously and with a vast knowledge, in short 5 stars in everything."

Marcio A de Souza Silva

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We have a wide variety of services for individuals and companies.

Uncomplicated process in up to 7 days depending on the state of your choice, start operating your business in the world's largest economy now.

Monthly accounting is as important as the elaboration of the income tax, because every month it is possible to discuss with the entrepreneur the business perspectives in a way that is aligned with the local legislation and avoids wasting time and money, adjusting simple problems that could have been avoided throughout the year. This way, every month the entrepreneur will be receiving the company's financial reports and closely monitoring the evolution of his business.

The income tax is one of the most important parts of the company during the year, so it must be done by a specialist who has advanced knowledge, especially when it involves foreign legislation, because recently the IRS has issued fines of up to $25,000 dollars for mistakes made by professionals not aligned with international law. Therefore, we have specialists trained and very experienced in local and foreign legislation for tax compliance and all federal and state regulations.

We work to provide the highest quality service to our clients, seeking to maximize the credits offered by the U.S. government every year to local residents. Do you have assets abroad? Talk to us about the correct way to declare them and avoid fines of up to $25 thousand dollars by the US IRS.

Our tax consulting service seeks to answer questions in a didactic way to the day-to-day doubts of companies and individuals related to taxation in the United States. Our consultants will be able to answer all your questions, from those related to the best type of company to open to those related to withholding Firpta. Contact us today.

For people who are not eligible to get a Social Security Number and need to file their taxes, US law allows the IRS to issue them with an ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number) to register them with a federal tax number. Contact us to find out how to file your tax return and get a Federal Tax Identification Number (ITIN).

Every company at some point needs a strong team, and for this we offer our payroll service (Payroll) where your company will receive the payment statements of each employee and also the values of the taxes to be paid throughout the monthly and annual process.

Sales Tax is levied according to each American state, because each one has its own legislation, and every company that sells within the state of its headquarters needs to collect Sales Taxes on sales made to final consumers, as well as take advantage of other benefits such as the purchase exempt from payment of Sales Taxes when products are purchased for resale.

The Firpta is an Income Tax withholding on the sale of real estate when the owner is a foreigner. Talk to us about the application rules and the ways to refund part or the integrated amount withheld.

We offer lecture services for seminars and conventions for companies and universities. Contact us to discuss your needs and we can prepare a customized package for your organization.

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