How to open a business in the United States

The process of opening a company in the United States is much less bureaucratic than in Brazil, because regardless of the state chosen, it can be done online.

Expanding your business to the United States from other countries is an important step for any investor who wants to increase his revenues and profits, because the United States today is the largest economy in the world and with a high consumer market. In this respect, the American market is extremely promising, attracting investors from all over the world who wish to sell and provide their services to a market with real possibilities for growth and expansion.

Export and service companies are the most exploited by foreign investors, and to assist the Brazilian investor can count on the support of CR accounting & Consulting with a service entirely in Portuguese to guide his journey to business success. Our team is also able to assist investors from around the world who want to open businesses in the United States and who need assistance in English or Spanish.

The procedures for opening a company may vary from state to state, but CR Accounting & Consulting will always be present, orienting and guiding the entrepreneur in the completion and execution of each necessary step during the entire process.

The following are the steps followed in opening an American company.  

  • Define your company name: At this point, our experts will help you search for available names in the states you have chosen
  • Choose the company type - LLC or Corp: Now is the time to talk to our team of experts to help you define which type of company applies best to you, and the pros and cons of each.
  • Define a business address: The legislation requires the new company to designate a business address to register and receive official correspondence from State and Federal government agencies, but don't worry, you can resort to a virtual mailing address, which is widely used by foreign investors who do not yet have a physical address for their American company.
  • Registration in the state of your choiceThis is when the company will apply for registration in the state in which it intends to operate. Discuss with our experts which state best fits your business.
  • Registration with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the Federal EIN Number: After the State stage, it is necessary to apply to the federal agency for the company's identification number, known as EIN Number - Employer Identification Number, equivalent to the Brazilian CNPJ.
  • Opening a bank account: After finishing the previous step, your company will already be able to operate in the American Market, but the recommendation is to open a business account so that it is possible to separate the operations of the company with the individual, avoiding future confusions.
  • Obtaining the Sales Taxes Certificate: This registration is for the payment of sales taxes, and your company may be required to apply for this registration with the state where it is headquartered. Our experts will help you with this process, and find out whether there is an obligation in the state for your company's activity.

The steps above are the main ones necessary for the company to operate in the United States, there are also other specific requirements such as whether the company will operate under a store or physical location, in which case each city defines the necessary operating licenses.

Did you like this article and are you ready to start your business in the United States? Contact us today to start the process of setting up your American company.

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