Free Income Tax Assistance (FITA)

What is the Free Income Tax Assistance (FITA) program?

CR Accounting & Consulting LLC in order to assist US citizens and residents affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, developed the Free Income Tax Assistance (FITA) program with the goal of providing free tax assistance to disadvantaged persons, who generally earn up to $30,000 annually or less, persons with disabilities, senior citizens, and taxpayers who speak little English and need help preparing their own tax returns. IRS certified professionals provide free basic income tax return preparation with electronic submission for people who qualify. Assistance is provided remotely once all necessary documentation is received and does not apply to clients who have already done their taxes with CR Accounting & Consulting in previous years.

Who is eligible for the Free Income Tax Assistance (FITA) program?

1. Anyone earning income up to $30,000 annually or less; or

2. Disabled persons earning up to $35,000 annually; or

3. People who do not speak English well and earn up to $35,000 annually; or

4. Be a senior citizen earning up to $35,000 annually; and

Have only one Form w2 to declare.

How do I apply for assistance from the FITA program?

No application is required for this program but annual attendance is limited, so don't waste any time and talk to us today. For more information contact directly.

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